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The Academy of Urban Planning and Engineering

Overview written by the school: We are small high school in Brooklyn creating communities of learners in Urban Planning, Engineering and Advanced learning. We are a school community that provides resources and opportunities for our students to build, debate, compete and excel in exams to prepare for college and career. We believe in the whole child and support our students with mentoring programs that build 21st century skills and beyond. 9th graders are programmed for Engineering, Algebra and African Drumming in their 1st year along with Extended Learning Time to prepare for Regents and AP exams. "95% of our Parents say that AUPE keeps their child on track for college, career, and success in life after high school."

School Performance

Graduation Rate: 88% (at the end of the school year before last, the percent of students who graduated "on time" by earning a diploma four years after they entered 9th grade).
Daily Attendance Rate: 91% of the school's students in the school year before last.
Percentage of Students Enough Variety: 83% students feel that this school offers a wide enough variety of programs, classes, and activities to keep them interested in school.
College Career Rate: 45% of students enroll in college or career programs within 6 months.
Percentage of Students Safe: 89% students feel safe in the hallways, bathrooms, locker room and cafeteria. (Student opinions on school safety, as reported on the NYC School Survey.)

Programs offered

Program 1: Urban Planning and Engineering
Code: K52A
Program description: Incoming ninth graders are exposed to Algebra, ELA, and Leadership courses during the Summer Bridge Program and sit for the Regents exams early. All ninth graders complete their Living Environment and Algebra exams in their first year and are enrolled in our Principles of Engineering course. In addition, all ninth graders learn African Drumming and exposed to AVID strategies through ninth grade advisory in order to be college and career ready.
Interest: Engineering
Method: Ed. Opt.

Seats 9 GE: 94
Grade 9 GE filled flag: Y
Grade 9 GE applicants: 426
Grade 9 GE applicants per seat: 5
Seats 9 SWD: 19
Grade 9 SWD filled flag: Y
Grade 9 SWD applicants: 112
Grade 9 SWD applicants per seat: 6

Seats 10: Yes
Admissions priority 1: Open to New York City residents


Extracurricular Activities
Extracurricular activities and clubs offered by the school that do not fall under one of the Sports categories (PSAL Sports or School Sports): PSAL Sports AM Basketball Mentoring AM Soccer Mentoring Consumer Science Stoked Mentoring Restorative Justice Studio Art Urban Ecology Rewards Literacy Program Urban Planning Classes
PSAL Sports Boys
Male PSAL (Public School Athletics League) sports offered at the school, listed under Extracurricular Activities and Clubs in the HS Directory: Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball
PSAL Sports Girls
Female PSAL (Public School Athletics League) sports offered at the school, listed under Extracurricular Activities and Clubs in the HS Directory: Badminton, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball
PSAL Sports Coed
Co-ed PSAL (Public School Athletics League) sports offered at the school, listed under Extracurricular Activities and Clubs in the HS Directory: No data
School Sports
Sports offered by the school outside PSAL (Public School Athletics League): Boys Handball
Flag for female only school: No data
Flag for male only school: No data

Other info

Total students: 231
Start time: 8:00am
End time: 3:35pm

Final grades: 9 to 12
ELL programs: English as a New Language
Language classes: Spanish
Advancedplacement courses: AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Spanish Language and Culture, AP Spanish Literature and Culture, AP United States History
Additional info: College Trips; Community School; Extended Day Program; Extended Day Credit Recovery; Health Center; Internships Available; Online Grading System; Weekend Programs; Summer Bridge; Summer Internships; Uniform

School accessibility description: Partially Accessible
Flag for schools that offer 10th grade seats: Y

More info

Borough: Brooklyn
NTA: Bushwick North
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Campus name: Bushwick Educational Campus
School Number: K480
Shared space: Yes
Community board: 304
Council district: 37
Census tract: 435
BIN: 3076908
BBL: 3033650098

About The Academy of Urban Planning and Engineering


Latitude: 40.697185
Longitude: -73.91117
Phone number: 718-381-7100
Fax number: 718-418-0314
School email: [email protected]
Subway lines near the school: L, M to Myrtle-Wyckoff Aves
Bus lines near the school: B13, B20, B26, B38, B52, B54, B60, M Shuttle Bus, Q55, Q58

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Principles of Engineering I

Principles of Engineering II


Theatre Arts

African Drumming

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