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The Brooklyn Academy of Global Finance

Overview paragraph: BAGF will provide an environment where students are academically challenged and experience real-world application of their learning through opportunities to interact with partners in the business and financial industries. Real world career experiences include field trips, job shadowing, and internships to give students a view of the financial and business industries. Students experience college life through early college courses, college visits, and mentoring from college students. Our mission is to prepare students for post-secondary education and to compete in the global economy through a challenging academic curriculum, including 21st century skills such as financial and digital literacy, collaboration, and entrepreneurship.

School Performance

Graduation Rate: 66% of students graduate in four years.
Attendance Rate: 78% of students attendance.
Percentage of Students Enough Variety: 76% students feel that this school offers a wide enough variety of programs, classes, and activities to keep them interested in school.
College Career Rate: 26% of students enroll in college or career programs within 6 months.
Percentage of Students Safe: 85% students feel safe in the hallways, bathrooms, locker room and cafeteria. (Student opinions on school safety, as reported on the NYC School Survey.)

Programs offered

Program 1: Brooklyn Academy of Global Finance
Code: L57A
Program description: Students study a sequence in business and finance along with high school requirements. Students may also choose a sequence or electives in Computer Science and Technology.
Interest: Business
Method: Ed. Opt.

Seats 9 GE: 89
Grade 9 GE filled flag: N
Grade 9 GE applicants: 190
Grade 9 GE applicants per seat: 2
Seats 9 SWD: 19
Grade 9 SWD filled flag: N
Grade 9 SWD applicants: 57
Grade 9 SWD applicants per seat: 3

Seats 10: Yes-20
Admissions priority 1: Open to New York City residents


Extracurricular activities: Entertainers 4 Education IWG Program, Journalism & YRAP (Youth Recording Apprenticeship Program): students produce their own music in our recording studio; The Leadership Program: Advisory, Art, Debate, Educator Rising Chapter, Lunch & Learn Tutoring, National Honor Society, Peer Group Connection (PGC) Student Mentoring Program, Service In Schools: Student-led service-learning projects in the community, Spoken Word, Sports, Stock Market Game, Student Council, "Weekend Wise-Up" Saturday Academy
Psal Sports Boys: Basketball

School sports: (NCAA Cleared) Intramural Sports

Other info

Total students: 135
Start time: 8:15am
End time: 3:30pm
Grades 2018: 9 to 12
Final grades: 9 to 12
ELL programs: English as a New Language
Language classes: Spanish
Advancedplacement courses: AP Computer Science, AP English Language and Composition, AP Environmental Science, AP Seminar, AP U.S. History
Additional info: College Trips; Community School; Community Service Expected; Dress Code; Extended Day Program; Extended Day Program (Tutoring); Internship Expected; Internships; Online Grading System; Saturday Programs; Student Parent Orientation; Summer Internships; Summer Orientation

School 10th seats: Y

More info

Borough: Brooklyn
NTA: Stuyvesant Heights
Neighborhood: Bedford-Stuyvesant

School Number: K057
Shared space: Yes
Community board: 3
Council district: 36
Census tract: 291
BIN: 3043822
BBL: 3016160001

About The Brooklyn Academy of Global Finance


Address: 125 Stuyvesant Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11221
Latitude: 40.691274
Longitude: -73.933697
Phone number: 718-574-3126
Fax number: 718-574-3681
School email: [email protected]
Subway: J to Kosciusko St; M, Z to Myrtle Ave
Bus: B15, B38, B46, B46-SBS, B47, B52, B54, M Shuttle Bus, Q24

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District Borough Number: 
Academic opportunities: 

CTE program(s) in: Business, Management & Administration NAF Finance Academy: Graduates are eligible for NAFTrack Certified Hiring with NAF partners

NAF IT Academy: Technology courses including Coding, Microsoft Office Suite, Lenovo Scholar Network Mobile App-Making with MIT App Inventor Software

Industry Certifications: Microsoft Office Specialist, W!SE Financial Literacy, A*S*K Business Fundamentals Technical Assessment and Paid Internships

College and Career Readiness Support through AVID (9th & 10th Grades) and ONE GOAL (11th & 12th Grades)

Medgar Evers Early College Dual Credit and LIU Brooklyn Promise, STEP and Early College Scholars

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