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Collegiate Institute for Math and Science (CIMS)

Overview paragraph: Collegiate Institute for Math & Science offers a rounded educational program with a concentration in Mathematics and the Sciences. All students are expected to study four years of math and science in our Academy. We believe that the basis for all students' success is a function of their focus, commitment, and grit. Although our academic focus is on mathematics and science, we strive to meet the social and emotional needs of all students.
Diplomaendorsements: Math, Science

School Performance

Graduation Rate: 90% of students graduate in four years.
Attendance Rate: 90% of students attendance.
Percentage of Students Enough Variety: 80% students feel that this school offers a wide enough variety of programs, classes, and activities to keep them interested in school.
College Career Rate: 81% of students enroll in college or career programs within 6 months.
Percentage of Students Safe: 76% students feel safe in the hallways, bathrooms, locker room and cafeteria. (Student opinions on school safety, as reported on the NYC School Survey.)

Programs offered

Program 1: Collegiate Institute for Math and Science
Code: X29J
Program description: This program prepares scholars for success in colleges and careers focused on science and mathematics. In our core science and math sequence, scholars have access to at least 10 AP courses as well as Honors and electives focused on biology and computer science. Scholars will be equipped with a foundation of essential knowledge and skills critical to be career and college ready.
Interest: Science & Math
Method: Ed. Opt.

Offer Rate: -100% of offers went to this group
Seats 9 GE: 94
Grade 9 GE filled flag: Y
Grade 9 GE applicants: 2017
Grade 9 GE applicants per seat: 21
Seats 9 SWD: 26
Grade 9 SWD filled flag: Y
Grade 9 SWD applicants: 283
Grade 9 SWD applicants per seat: 11

Seats 10: Yes-13
Admissions priority 1: Priority to Bronx students or residents
Admissions priority 2: Then to New York City residents


Extracurricular activities: All academic and artistic extracurricular activities on the Christopher Columbus Campus are open to students including: ASPIRA, Campus Bands (Pep, Jazz, and Concert),"CIMS Band" Cooking, Craft, Gaming, Journalism, Photography, Robotics, Science and Health clubs, Senior Council, Social Issues, Spectrum/GSA, Student Government Association, Theater Class, Young Men's and Young Women's Leadership Programs, Zumba
Psal Sports Boys: Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Football, Indoor Track, Lacrosse, Outdoor Track, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball
Psal Sports Girls: Basketball, Bowling, Cross Country, Gymnastics, Indoor Track, Lacrosse, Outdoor Track, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball

School sports: (NCAA Cleared) Basketball Tournament

Other info

Total students: 616
Start time: 8:20am
End time: 2:40pm
Grades 2018: 9 to 12
Final grades: 9 to 12
ELL programs: English as a New Language
Language classes: Spanish
Advancedplacement courses: AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, AP Chemistry, AP Computer Science, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Spanish, AP Statistics, AP U.S. History, AP World History
Additional info: College Trips; Community Service Expected; Dress Code; Extended Day Program; Extended Day Program (Credit Recovery); Extended Day Program (Tutoring); Health Center; Internships; Online Grading System; Saturday Programs; Student Parent Orientation; Summer Bridge Program; Weekend Programs

School accessibility description: 2
School 10th seats: Y

More info

Borough: Bronx
NTA: Bronxdale
Neighborhood: Bronxdale
Campus name: Christopher Columbus Educational Campus
School Number: X415
Shared space: Yes
Community board: 11
Council district: 13
Census tract: 324
BIN: 2050179
BBL: 2043580001

About Collegiate Institute for Math and Science (CIMS)


Address: 925 Astor Avenue, Bronx NY 10469
Latitude: 40.859665
Longitude: -73.861006
Phone number: 718-944-3635
Fax number: 718-652-3525
School email: [email protected]
Subway: 2 to Allerton Ave; 5 to Pelham Parkway
Bus: Bx12, Bx12-SBS, Bx26, Bx39, Bx8, BxM11

Hotels near Collegiate Institute for Math and Science (CIMS)

District Borough Number: 
Academic opportunities: 

APEX: Program for expanded online coursework and self-paced learning

University of Vermont Programs, College Bound Initiative, Chappaqua Summer Scholarship program

Summer Bridge program for selected incoming 9th grade students, Teen Success Initiative (TSI), Young Men's & Young Women's Leadership

Prep 4 Success with NIDC, CUNY College Now program at Lehman College, Einstein Enrichment program

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