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Emma Lazarus High School for English Language Scholars

Overview written by the school: ELHS offers English Language Learners a small, exceptionally supportive and academically rigorous environment for learning and growth. We are a safe, diverse, and interactive community with students from all parts of the world. Our high graduation rates and college enrollments are directly related to the community we create, the high qualtiy instruction we provide, and the accesibility of the instrution for all levels of English Language Learners. Students often enter speaking little to no English and over 90% or our graduates enter college. We have the highest rate of New York State Advanced Regents for ELL's of any single high school in the state. Because we believe in the capacity of each student, through our collaborative supports and students' hard work, our ELL students excel.

School Performance

Graduation Rate: No data (at the end of the school year before last, the percent of students who graduated "on time" by earning a diploma four years after they entered 9th grade).
Daily Attendance Rate: 92.000002% of the school's students in the school year before last.
Percentage of Students Enough Variety: 94% students feel that this school offers a wide enough variety of programs, classes, and activities to keep them interested in school.

Percentage of Students Safe: 97.000003% students feel safe in the hallways, bathrooms, locker room and cafeteria. (Student opinions on school safety, as reported on the NYC School Survey.)

Programs offered

Program 1: Emma Lazarus High School for English Language Scholars
Code: A42A

Method: Transfer

Eligibility: Open only to New York City residents who currently identify as English Language Learners (ELL) or who have lived in the continental United States fewer than three years.

Seats 10: 1


Extracurricular Activities
Extracurricular activities and clubs offered by the school that do not fall under one of the Sports categories (PSAL Sports or School Sports): Advisory, After school classes/tutorials/peer tutoring, Internshps (Paid), National Honor Society, Student Government, Extra curricular affliations: Lincoln Center Theatre; Horticultural Society: Flanbwayan; NYC Mission Society; Educational Alliance; Charles B. Wang; NY Public Library; Nex Gen Youth Theatre
PSAL Sports Boys
Male PSAL (Public School Athletics League) sports offered at the school, listed under Extracurricular Activities and Clubs in the HS Directory: Basketball, Volleyball
PSAL Sports Girls
Female PSAL (Public School Athletics League) sports offered at the school, listed under Extracurricular Activities and Clubs in the HS Directory: Basketball, Cross Country, Outdoor Track, Softball, Volleyball
PSAL Sports Coed
Co-ed PSAL (Public School Athletics League) sports offered at the school, listed under Extracurricular Activities and Clubs in the HS Directory: No data
School Sports
Sports offered by the school outside PSAL (Public School Athletics League): Basketball, Co-ed Soccer
Flag for female only school: No data
Flag for male only school: No data

Other info

Total students: 307

Final grades: 9 to 12

Advancedplacement courses: AP English Language and Composition
Additional info: 10th Grade Seats Available

Transfer: 1

School accessibility description: Fully Accessible
Flag for schools that offer 10th grade seats: Y

More info

Borough: Manhattan
NTA: Chinatown
Neighborhood: Chinatown

School Number: M131
Shared space: Yes
Community board: 103
Council district: 1
Census tract: 16
BIN: 1082489
BBL: 1003010003

About Emma Lazarus High School for English Language Scholars


Address: 100 Hester Street, Manhattan NY 10002 (40.716231,-73.993607)
Latitude: 40.716553
Longitude: -73.993092
Phone number: 212-925-5017
Fax number: 212-925-5920
School email: [email protected]
Subway lines near the school: 6, N, Q, R, W to Canal St; B, D to Grand St; F to East Broadway; J, Z to Bowery; M to Delancey St-Essex St
Bus lines near the school: B39, BxM18, M1, M103, M14A, M15, M15-SBS, M22, M55, M9

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District Borough Number: 
Academic opportunities: 

ELHS is a college preparatory high school for second language students. Instruction is delivered in an English Immersion model with a heavy emphasis on project based group work. Stand alone English as a second language classes are aligned to students' entry language levels and needs.

Computer Technology sequence culminating in optional certifications/coding and robotics

Arts embedded curriculum and stand alone art and theatre classes

Experiential student learning/Broadway shows; college trips; overnight leadership development

College Now classes; Career and work internships; SAT and Regents preparation; Advisory classes and seminars specific to college readiness; PM schools classes for enrichment and language development; Individualized student programming/prioritized development of Advanced Regents Diplomas

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