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Stephen T. Mather Building Arts & Craftsmanship High School

Overview written by the school: Are you looking for a quality high school that leads you to college, a rewarding career, or both? Do you value a positive school culture? Do you like challenging projects, working with your hands, learning by doing? How about fieldtrips and exploring the outdoors? Are you a positive risk-taker? Are you creative, action-oriented, responsible, collaborative, and conscientious? At Mather, you will prepare for college and career through hands-on/minds-on learning and skills training. With our great partner the National Park Service (NPS), we offer a CTE pathway in the building arts (carpentry/decorative finishing/masonry) and landscape management through a historic preservation lens. Skills you learn here will open doors to a successful future.
Diplomaendorsements: CTE

School Performance

Graduation Rate: 88% (at the end of the school year before last, the percent of students who graduated "on time" by earning a diploma four years after they entered 9th grade).
Daily Attendance Rate: 85.000002% of the school's students in the school year before last.
Percentage of Students Enough Variety: 81% students feel that this school offers a wide enough variety of programs, classes, and activities to keep them interested in school.
College Career Rate: 55.000001% of students enroll in college or career programs within 6 months.
Percentage of Students Safe: 88% students feel safe in the hallways, bathrooms, locker room and cafeteria. (Student opinions on school safety, as reported on the NYC School Survey.)

Programs offered

Program 1: Building Arts/Carpentry & Landscape Management in Historic Preservation
Code: M18A
Program description: This is a hands-on/minds-on nine-credit CTE sequence in Historic Preservation: Intro to Historic Preservation (9); Landscape Mgmt. I & II, (10); Building Arts-Decorative Finishing and Carpentry (11); Adv. Building Arts-Carpentry/Masonry (12). Students must participate in apx. Fourteen work-based learning trips, complete an internship and a final CTE performance assessment. Students will work with wood, bricks, stone, and plants, often OUTSIDE in ALL types of weather, and they WILL occasionally get dirty!
Interest: Architecture
Method: Ed. Opt.

Seats 9 GE: 85
Grade 9 GE filled flag: N
Grade 9 GE applicants: 335
Grade 9 GE applicants per seat: 4
Seats 9 SWD: 23
Grade 9 SWD filled flag: Y
Grade 9 SWD applicants: 153
Grade 9 SWD applicants per seat: 7

Seats 10: 1
Admissions priority 1: Priority to Manhattan students or residents
Admissions priority 2: Then to New York City residents


Extracurricular Activities
Extracurricular activities and clubs offered by the school that do not fall under one of the Sports categories (PSAL Sports or School Sports): Art club, Wood carving club, Carpentry club, National Honor Society, Student Government, Senior Events Planning, Board games club, KPop club, Urban culture club, Book of the Month, Cooking club, Peer Mediators, Love is Love club, Music Mixing club, Building Up, Branching Out
PSAL Sports Boys
Male PSAL (Public School Athletics League) sports offered at the school, listed under Extracurricular Activities and Clubs in the HS Directory: Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Handball, Outdoor Track, Soccer, Volleyball
PSAL Sports Girls
Female PSAL (Public School Athletics League) sports offered at the school, listed under Extracurricular Activities and Clubs in the HS Directory: Basketball, Flag Football, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball
PSAL Sports Coed
Co-ed PSAL (Public School Athletics League) sports offered at the school, listed under Extracurricular Activities and Clubs in the HS Directory: No data
School Sports
Sports offered by the school outside PSAL (Public School Athletics League): No data
Flag for female only school: No data
Flag for male only school: No data

Other info

Total students: 416
Start time: 8:30am
End time: 4:00pm

Final grades: 9 to 12

Language classes: Spanish
Advancedplacement courses: AP Spanish Language and Culture, AP United States History, AP Biology, AP Statistics, AP World History: Modern, AP English Language and Composition, AP U.S. Government and Politics
Additional info: 10th Grade Seats Available,Career and Technical Education (CTE),College Trips,Extended Day Program,Health Center,Online Grading System,Orientation,Summer Internships,Summer Orientation,Weekend Programs

School accessibility description: Partially Accessible
Flag for schools that offer 10th grade seats: Y

More info

Borough: Manhattan
NTA: Clinton
Neighborhood: Clinton
Campus name: Graphics Educational Campus
School Number: M625
Shared space: Yes
Community board: 104
Council district: 3
Census tract: 127
BIN: 1026646
BBL: 1010590015

About Stephen T. Mather Building Arts & Craftsmanship High School


Address: 439 West 49th Street, Manhattan NY 10019 (40.763655,-73.990318)
Latitude: 40.76337
Longitude: -73.9906
Phone number: 212-399-3520
Fax number: 212-245-4669
School email: [email protected]
Subway lines near the school: 1, C, E to 50th St; 2, 3, 7, A, S to Times Square-42nd St; B, D to 7th Ave; N, R, W to 49th St
Bus lines near the school: BxM2, M10, M104, M11, M12, M20, M31, M34A-SBS, M42, M50, M57, M7, X1, X12, X14, X17J, X21, X22, X22A, X30, X31, X42, X7, X9

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District Borough Number: 
Academic opportunities: 

You can take college classes as well as advanced placement classes, earning transferable college credits

As a freshman, you take an "Intro to Historic Preservation" course, a combination hands-on/minds-on class with six work-based learning field trips.

New freshmen attend a four-day 'Freshman Kickoff', plus an overnight trip where you work with peers in team building activities (like rope-climbing)

All students have many opportunities for after-school and summer paid internships with the National Park Service, SCA, and Prospect Park, among others.

After-school and Saturday tutoring and enrichment classes are available, and seniors complete the CTE Endorsement Assessment in Historic Preservation.

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